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Emil Richards

What could be better than hearing the first-hand recollections of the artists who contributed to the Sinatra legacy?   Thank you, Emil, for sharing your memories with us.


Do yourself a favor.  Add Emil’s music to your library.  Calamari: Live Jazz at Rocco’s is a personal favorite.  Find it at emilrichards.com and at Amazon.



Frank’s prowess as an actor inspired interpretations that simply went deeper than the efforts of his peers.  Sinatra remains the best friend a lyric ever had.4.1.1

I have selected titles that eloquently make the point.   The sharing begins when we open Chapter Twelve of The Sinatra Songbook, Saturday, May 4 at 6pm and May 5 at 8m (Eastern time) on Metromedia Radio.



We continue our review of boxed sets that belong in your Sinatra collection?  Here’s the next one on my list.

Repisse CollectionThe Reprise Collection  This four-disc compilation was released to celebrate Frank Sinatra’s 75th birthday.  The set brings us the best of Sinatra’s diverse recording period of the sixties forward.

The companion volume provides interesting perspectives from a variety of writers.

Price-wise, The Reprise Collection is far more accessible than the Complete Studio Sessions collection examined here recently.   A very good overview, indeed.

Beginning with next week’s blog, we’ll shift our focus to significant books on Sinatra.



Have you looked around the Metromedia Radio schedule lately?


Nelson with FS

Two new series and a string of specials including our June 1st birthday tribute to Nelson Riddle that will knock your socks off.

2013’s turning out to be everything we imagined.  And believe me when I tell you that we’re just getting started.

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