Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 2.42.04 PMThose in attendance for the sold-out July 23rd tribute to Sinatra, marking the centenary of Frank Sinatra’s birth, saw this image in the Hollywood Bowl program and flashed across the venue big screens.  The year was 1946  (I like that the date, August 14th, turns out to be Marcy and my wedding anniversary.)

Sharing a Coke backstage, FS and the great Jose Iturbi.  Wouldn’t you love to have been in the crowd that night?  Maybe you were!   Those in attendance this week got a hint of that experience, as the big screens were filled with an iconic moment from MGM’s Anchors Away.

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 3.00.19 PMI FALL IN LOVE TO EASILY on the Hollywood Bowl big screens

You have to know, there was considerable firepower singing live on that stage.  John Pizzarelli, Carmen Bradford and Seth MacFarlane were distinctively wonderful.  And the Basie Orchestra was as vital and exciting as ever.

But the presence of FS via that old MGM clip validated the evening.  I wish they’d have included a few more carefully-selected clips.  Funny, he’s been gone some eighteen years.  Yet the Anchors Away playback confirmed an undeniable truth.  We all wanted to see Frank Sinatra perform, and with those screens on hand, it was possible.


Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 3.15.52 PMWeather-wise it was such a lovely… evening

The program, primarily a blend of the FS-Jobim and FS-Basie songbooks pleased everyone.   Tina Sinatra and Gene Kelly’s wife, Patricia, each received an enthusiastic reception.

As to the sign over my shoulder, please know that Marcy and I DID drink responsibly.

I was delighted to discover that many SONGBOOK listeners were in attendance.  Next time, let’s coordinate one grand picnic!


Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 12.17.38 PM



When Julie Budd chatted over two hours for THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, her then latest album, THEY WROTE THE SONGS was still in post-production.  That title, as you well know has been enthusiastically received.  Fast forward a couple of years and she is on the verge of her next album release.

About six weeks ago, Julie called to say she had a great surprise for me.  “I can’t tell you any more just now”, she said, “but you are gonna ‘kvell’!”  “Kvell” is a Latin term, meaning I would fall over myself with excitement once I heard the news.

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 3.37.03 PM

Julie Budd’s Rembering Mr. SINATRA releases September 1st

Recently, Julie let the cat out of the bag.  Her new release, Remembering Mr. SINATRA, will be available on September 1st.  She has a lot to remember!

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 3.45.14 PM

Ms. Budd was a teenager when this snap shot was taken.  Since those days, Julie has been taking notes.  Her perspectives and favorite Sinatra titles are folded into two SINATRA SONGBOOK hours.  Part one airs this weekend, Saturday, July 25 at 6pm ET and Sunday at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio.

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to be continued…

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