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Hope you enjoyed Part One of our visit with jazz promoter, Sinatra scholar and the author of September in the Rain: the Life of Nelson Riddle, Peter Levinson.  On the air, I indicated that our conversation would continue next weekend.  In fact, we will resume our visit in two weeks.



We shall rest the interviews and the commentaries for a week.  It’s time to celebrate this very special time of the year.  For a full hour, Frank’s love of the season is on parade.

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What a day on Metromedia Radio!

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I trust you tuned in for our celebration of Frank’s 98th birthday.  Thanks to all who contributed.  And, a sentimental tip of the hat to William B. Williams.  Bill’s legacy WNEW birthday tribute was particularly special.

My thanks to The Big “W”, Robert Davi, Julie Budd, Tom Dreesen and so many more for lending their perspectives to the celebration as well.

And YOU… you had wonderful things to say!  Here’s a sampling of the listener response received…

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 9.05.16 AMMark, I truly enjoyed your interview with Robert Davi. Wow, what a guy! I am TOTALLY hooked on the Metromedia Radio site (especially all of the Sinatra stuff!!). Thanks for keeping the memory of the man alive. And remember…the best IS yet to come!


Just listened to the two hours with Tom Dreesen again. I learn something every time I listen to these shows!!!   


Mark, through their personal relationships, your guests, Emil Richards, Tom Dreesen, Julie Budd and Robert Davi, on the “Sinatra Songbook,” have allowed the audience to vicariously experience an intimate understanding of the creative world of Frank Sinatra. The dialogue from your guest was sometimes brilliantly stated, and where it was lacking verbally your pointed questions helped lead the way. Continued success!  


Great feedback.  By the way, I don’t mind posting criticisms.  There weren’t any.

Have you shared your comments?  It’s not to late.  Do so here or at the SONGBOOK FB page.

Each Metromedia Radio host is equally committed to this music and to those who love it.  From all of us, thank you!



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Feather Winter

This is a wonderful “December in Washington State” image borrowed from Grammy nominee, Lorraine Feather’s FB post.  Lorraine, thank you for sharing this beautiful moment from your Pacific Northwest home.

This glorious time of the year passes so quickly.  Embrace it.


to be continued…

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