I’ve posted this before.  It may, however, be new to many of you.

Come 1

You know this album cover, of course.

At the conclusion of the May interview, I pulled a still-sealed copy of the LP from my briefcase, pealed off the cellophane and asked Billy for his autograph.  He did so happily.  Now that signed album cover hangs on the SONGBOOK studio wall.   Here it is.


My thanks to Stephen Tokarick for reminding me to re-post my treasure from Billy May, one of the greats.


As Andy Williams so capably sang, It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

I agree.  I certainly hope it is for you.

My wish for us all is a year of kindness, prosperity and, above all, peace.  It’s a tall request, certainly.  All we can do is our fair share.  For starters, let’s shoot for that.


This year, we have been deluged by Sinatra product.  Two of my favorite items are…

The volume SINATRA 100, from co-authors Charles Pignone and Nancy Sinatra.  This collection of rarely seen images is a delight.


Also, Frank Sinatra: A Voice on Air (1935-1955).  This four-disc collection, restored and assembled by Charles Granata, focuses on Sinatra’s work in radio,  a most significant element in the Sinatra story.


FS Xmas

Frank’s interpretations of the season’s time-honored melodies.  His recordings of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s resonate equally.  Some of his best will be heard as we open THE SINATRA CHRISTMAS SONGBOOK,  Saturday December 26 at 6pm ET and Sunday, December 27 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio.  Listen Live link – http://tunein.com/radio/Metromedia-Radio-s203898/ • Please LIKE & SHARE


What’s yours?  A Christmas Story, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol?  All great choices.

For me, the film that captures the beauty of the season best is the 1947 classic, The Bishop’s Wife.


Long on heart, simplicity and priorities, for me, The Bishop’s Wife continues to take the prize.  Do you know it?  Seek it out.  And it’s all the more satisfying in glorious, original black and white.


Frank’s birthday has come and gone.  What’s left?  All that we had before.  As this wonderful image suggests, the best remains with us.


Two masters, each made stronger by their great many collaborations.

What’s left?  A body of work that remains timeless, still setting the tone for so much of what has followed and for continuing to inspire the next generation.

Examples, both familiar and new will come your way on the SONGBOOK in 2016.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

to be continued…

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