It’s been a while since we’ve connected in this forum.  There has been a great deal of activity behind-the-scenes, much of it related to Frank Sinatra’s one-hundredth anniversary celebration.  Let me bring you up to date.

In Las Vegas, new interviews have been recorded with…

3-panel revised.

These three visits fill be fashioned into three unique SONGBOOK hours.



MagazineThe question I hear most often is, “How does one build a meaningful Sinatra collection?”

Many of you possess the knowledge to answer this question.  Yet you would be surprised to learn just how many die-hard fans don’t know where to start.  This piece is my response.

Find the issue on newsstands, at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and more.



I enjoyed the privilege of contributing to the documentary, SINATRA: THE VOICE OF AMERICA


This ninety minute special premieres in Germany and France on the ARTE channel.  Air times are December 12th at 3:55 Eastern and on December 13th at 8:45am Eastern.

35mm frameAnnette Baumeister, the talented producer of this project, explains that the production offers a consideration of Sinatra’s impact as assessed from outside the US.

The commentary is provided by a variety of Sinatra-related voices, including yours truly.

As of this writing, I have yet to see the final product.  Looking forward to it.  Meantime, here’s a link to a short preview –


And a peek at the animated, four-minute Teaser – https://www.hidrive.strato.com/lnk/F9j0xu2R

Credit BannerAir dates in the US are forthcoming.


 12  –  12  –  1 5



WNEW, “The station that discovered Sinatra” will celebrate Frank’s 100th in GRAND fashion.

QuestionMore than thirty-eight hundred SONGBOOK followers on Facebook considered the trivia question “What does the date 12-12-15 have in common with the number 32?”  Nobody answered correctly.  Then I posed this final clue, “32 is the new 24”.  Many came close but no one got the right answer.

I suggested that, upon revealing the admittedly abstract answer, some would be frustrated with me… at first.  Thereafter all would smile.  Here’s the answer.

WNEW’s Sinatra birthday tribute is loaded with so much content, it can’t be squeezed into twenty-four hours.  So this celebration will spill over, running, at least, thirty-two hours!  Yes, our twenty-four hour tribute will run a day… PLUS!

FS_WNEWThe day PLUS will be filled with…

WNEW specials starring legacy hosts like William B. and Bob Fitzsimmons

Many select SINATRA SONGBOOK hours.

Original programming from The Big W in The Buddies Lounge and from Lise Avery.

and the best way to celebrate… spending time with Frank Sinatra- in concert!  Many memorable performances featuring the man practicing his craft await you.

This is gonna be a Red Bull ride, starting Friday, December 11th at 4pm Eastern and rolling on for thirty-two hours.  Put on the coffee and celebrate with us.

Go to metromediaradio.com and click LISTEN NOW! or go to Live365.com and search Metromedia Radio, or go to tuneinradio.com and search Metromedia Radio.


Caesars_79For more than a year, Frank Sinatra enthusiasts have been looking forward to December 12th, 2015.  Frank’s 100th birthday.  It is certainly a milestone.  It recognizes this unique artist, one who changed the fashion by which the American Popular Songbook would be forever considered.  The celebration continues as long as we share Mr. Sinatra’s unique talent.

At the Sinatra Festival in Los Angeles this fall, I was fortunate to meet Carol LoRicco, a talented photographer who attended a great many Sinatra performances, capturing brilliant images along the way, like this classic from a 1979 performance at Caesars Palace.  Carol was kind enough to share her work with us for this unique occasion.

The more people talk about December 12th, the more I think about December 13th, 14th and beyond.  For the magic continues as long as we celebrate Mr. Sinatra’s unique talent.

Mr. S, for bringing so much joy to so many music lovers… Thank you.

You were something!


to be continued…

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