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Wow, what a week!  Your response to the series continues to grow.  I trust my friend, Sherrie, will permit me to share her recent comments.


I left a scholarship at a music conservatory to pursue the study of The Great American Songbook and especially the Development of Jazz… One thing that I did discover… is that this is the time to gather information about the Masters who recently were among us, before people who were actually there with them, leave us, too. Hopefully, information that will be of help to current & future musicians, musicologists, students, etc. 

What you’re doing is invaluable and important… I am SO glad to have known it was coming on, having the time to sit here with a glass of wine and dinner and learn so much about American Music History and Sinatra & friends’ roles in it!

Sherrie, your affirmation along with that of other listeners confirms two truths.  First, we are on the right track.  And second, our audience of discriminating music lovers makes the difference.  I am very grateful to have you all along for the ride!



We return to the rare and wonderful collection of titles released as

V-Discs or Victory Discs.

V-Disc FS_


V-Discs were recorded by all the stars of the forties.  These customized recordings were morale boosters, ferried to theaters of war, large and small.  They were of particular value in forward areas, deemed too precarious to welcome USO shows.

Checkout THE V-DISCS when we open Chapter Twenty-Two of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, February 22 at 6pm ET and Sunday, February 23 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio.

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…to be continued


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