Our Chapter Twenty-Two offering examines those very special V-Discs recorded in support of the war effort in the forties.

V-disc 2V-Discs, short for Victory Discs, were contributed by all the stars of the time.

These customized recordings were morale boosters, ferried to theaters of war, large and small.  They were of particular value in forward areas, deemed too precarious to welcome USO shows.

Checkout THE V-DISCS when we open Chapter Twenty-Two of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, July 13 at 6pm EST and Sunday, July 14 at 8am EST on Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).



03A few weeks ago, I shared an invitation on Facebook.  Of course, not everyone hangs-out there.  For those who don’t, here’s the very same invitation.

Is there a Sinatra title you love, one that we seldom hear?  Maybe more than one?  Message me and let’s play it on The Sinatra Songbook!

I’d love to know why you singled-out the selection(s) and what it (they) mean(s) to you.  You will be credited on-air as the song is featured.

Share your choices at the Songbook Facebook page or by using the CONTACT box at the upper-right.  The more “players” we have, the merrier the outcome.

Get your submissions to me by July 28, please.   This is gonna be fun.


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You realize, of course, that we are keeping this music alive, together.




Davi Sings SinatraRobert Davi’s album Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance is a delight.

Robert will talk about the album, singing the American Popular Songbook and sharing his seldom-heard Sinatra favorites on the Songbook in about a month.

I’ll keep you posted.

to be continued…

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