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Thoughts about our Chapter Twenty-Two examination of Frank’s contribution to the Victory Disc program during World War Two?  Lots there for me.

FS_Stordahl_3Nice to hear titles that had not been commercially recorded by Sinatra.  Also, interesting to compare the V-Disc versions, distinguished by full Axel Stordahl accompaniments, with the commercial Columbia issues, mastered without orchestras, owing to the AF of M recording ban in place at the time.

I observe that the V-Discs improve with age.  Do they work that way for you?  Share your thoughts here or at the Songbook Facebook page.



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Most consider the Capitol fifties to be Frank Sinatra’s most prolific on record.  Thinking of this period, we are naturally drawn to the succession of album projects that would become masterworks, In the Wee Small Hours, Swing Easy, Only the Lonely, Songs for Swingin’ Lovers among them.  You can see those album covers, as can I.



Through this decade, Sinatra was associated with epic titles that would, in later years, find their way to compilation albums and CD’s.  Witchcraft, Young at Heart, I’ve Got the World on a String, Learnin’ the Blues and about ninety-five more songs were first released as singles.


FS 45 singleThese performances are as significant as any tune on any album.

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03Earlier, I invited everybody to share a favorite, seldom-played Sinatra title.  The response has been fantastic.  There’s still time to participate.  But not much.

Share your selection and the reason you think it’s worth a second listen.

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to be continued…

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