Wednesday, December 12, 2012 is Frank Sinatra’s ninety-seventh birthday.

Metromedia Radio will fill the day with very rare material retrieved from the WNEW vault, special programming from Sid Mark and five in-concert performances that remind us why this artist is worthy of tribute.

The celebration runs around the clock, through the morning, the day and the evening of December 12.

Tell everyone.  This is gonna be great!




Larry King

Larry King will tell you he and Sinatra were not close friends.  Rather, he says, they were friendly.  Frank liked Larry.  For Larry’s part, the relationship started with the word LIKE.  His anecdotes and perspectives are the stuff of Chapter Twenty of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK.  “For a good time” join us this Saturday, December 15 at 6pm and Sunday, December 16 at 8am, those are Eastern times, on Metromedia Radio.

America’s favorite TV host has a new series.  Watch LARRY KING NOW, On-Demand at Ora.TV  –



Your correspondence with me can be divided into two categories. Those in the first group love to discuss the singing.  Those in the second group are fascinated by the Rat Pack period.  If you’re in group two, this volume should be of interest.

THE RAT PACK is a deluxe 450-page volume filled with rare, never seen and intimate images from the period.

It’s all here, the on-stage antics at The Sands, Dean, Sammy, Joey, Peter, Marilyn, JFK and more.

From author, Shawn Levy, this Reel Arts Press publication is one that that the passionate collector will adore.





This is truly “the most wonderful time of year”.

Step out of the mall and into the brisk air.  Wrap presents by the fire, sing and be with the ones you love.

It all passes so quickly.  Don’t miss a moment.

My wish is that this becomes your best holiday season EVER… until next year.


to be continued…