Many things to cover this week.  First, one more thank you to Billy May for two fascinating hours.  And here’s the Come Fly with Me album cover he autographed at the conclusion of our visit.  A special treasure.

Comy flyWhat you didn’t hear, owing to some digital snag with our automated playout, was a description of Billy’s music room.  That’s where we recorded this visit, a decade ago.  Done in white, May’s optimistic space consisted of his desk, a bookcase housing memorabilia, including a great 1939 photo of the Charlie Barnett band, taken when Billy was writing some of Charlie’s arrangements (including Cherokee).   To the right of his desk, a large drafting table with a blank manuscript pad, at the ready for Billy’s next arranging assignment.   A magical day spent with a legend.  Does it get any better?  We’re going for it next week.



Larry King

Mr. King will tell you that while he and Frank were not close friends, they were friendly.  Frank liked Larry.  For Larry’s part, the relationship started with the word LIKE.  King’s anecdotes and perspectives are the stuff of  THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Chapter Twenty.  Join us this Saturday, February 8 at 6pm ET and Sunday, February 9 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).

Listen Live link – http://tunein.com/radio/Metromedia-Radio-s203898/




I spent a lovely afternoon with artist, Merryl Jaye at her North Hills, California studio.  This former singer is an avid jazz fan.   Lining her studio walls, are the faces of Ellington, Buble’ and everybody in between.

Jaye 4_panel

These transfers can not do justice to Merryl’s vibrant life-like renderings.  Treat yourself.  Visit her website – http://www.merryljaye.com/


Walters_2 Panel

Ed Walters, today and in the sixties

In 2010, I met Ed Walters, a Sands Hotel pit boss in the Sinatra years.  We talked about those days in a seminar setting, part of a four-day, LA Jazz Institute celebration of Sinatra.  Our discussion was well-attended and received, owing to Ed’s first-person recollections.

Ed shares these anecdotes on his own Facebook page!   Walters’ “pull-no-punches” accounts will check you into the Sands Hotel of those historic years.    Visit the Edward Walters Page.  Here’s the link – www.thepitbossreplies.com  

Better still, Ed and I are announcing our availability for your upcoming event or fundraiser!  The Sands in its heyday.  The vibe, Ed’s association with Dino, Sammy and a unique relationship with Frank.  This is “Magic City” for real!   For more information, message me on our Facebook page.  Here is your link – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sinatra-Songbook/360824020693370?ref=ts&fref=ts



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My best birthday wish has been realized with the growth of our Facebook page.  So many LIKES!   If you have yet to visit THE SINATRA SONGBOOK Facebook Page, stop-by, LIKE us and submit an ADD FRIEND request.

to be continued…

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