May 3

Sinatra and May in the Capitol Fifties

Hope you enjoyed our time with the legendary Billy May.  It was his last interview.  As mentioned on the air, my cherished memento of the experience is the signed copy of Come Fly with Me that hangs on the Songbook studio wall.  I promised to share it once more.  Here it is. 

May Autograph

Thank you, Mr. May, for your contribution to the American Popular Songbook.



Nelson Riddle Month on Metromedia Radio is drawing to a close.


Nelson Riddle                                         Producer, Stephen Paley

We owe Stephen Paley, producer of Nelson Riddle: in His Own Words, our thanks for making his special, which had been out of circulation for almost thirty years, available.

We think we’re on the right track, programming specials like this.  And for visits like the Billy May hours, just concluded.  Please click on CONTACT at the upper-right and share your thoughts.  Believe me, your opinions count.




Larry King

Larry King will tell you that he and Sinatra were not close friends.  Rather, he says, they were friendly.  Frank liked Larry.  For Larry’s part, the relationship started with the word LIKE.  King’s anecdotes and perspectives are the stuff of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Chapter TwentyFor a good time, join us this Saturday, June 29 at 6pm and Sunday, June 30 at 8am, those are Eastern times, on Metromedia Radio.



The highlight of which was spending an afternoon with actor and singer, Robert Davi.

Davi 2-box

Robert Davi

I first knew Davi, the actor, having enjoyed Robert’s work in the original Die Hard.  In 1977, he appeared with FS in the TV movie, Contract on Cherry Street.  While Robert’s acting resume is extensive and well-known, we are coming to know Davi the singer.

Davi Sings SinatraSinging is Robert’s first love.  This student of Sinatra is off and running on his own successful singing career.

His first album, Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road To Romance is a delight.

Plan on spending time with Robert, his music and his lesser-heard Sinatra favorites on the Songbook soon.



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to be continued…


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