Davi 1Many know Robert Davi for his work on the big screen.  Some may know that an early acting break came when Sinatra singled Robert out for a role in the 1977 TV movie, “Contract on Cherry Street”.

It’s what I didn’t know about Robert Davi that was eye-opening.


Davi AlbumFor instance, I didn’t know Davi’s first passion was singing.  Also, in crafting his first CD, Davi Sings Sinatra – On the Road to Romance, more thought went into the selection of titles than I would have ever imagined.

For the first of our two hours together, Robert speaks with great enthusiasm about the American Songbook and Frank’s songbook.

We’ll share Robert’s favorite, seldom-played Sinatra titles, selections from Davi Sings Sinatra and Robert will explain why so many singers from the “golden age of song” were and are Italian!

Music, laughter and great conversation when we open Chapter Twenty-Six of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, August 10 at 6pm and Sunday, August 11 at 8am (both Eastern time) on Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).

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Our second hour with Robert, Chapter Twenty-Seven of the SONGBOOK , follows next week, August 17 and 18.




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My new, favorite phrase.

Seldom-Heard 2Come Fly with Me?  Anytime.  Lady is a Tramp?  Cue it up!  My Kind of  Town?   Bring it on.

But isn’t it refreshing when something bubbles-up that you haven’t heard in a while – if ever?

In just a few weeks, your choices of seldom-heard Sinatra titles that are worth a second listen will be heard.  Your recommendations are wonderful.  There’s even a selection in the mix that was new to me.  I love that!

I will post air times next week.


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to be continued…