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Two years ago, everybody I knew, including yours truly, recognized Robert Davi for his work on the big screen.  Some may know that an early acting break came when Frank singled Robert out for a role in the 1977 TV movie, Contract on Cherry Street.

robert-davi-sinatraSinatra and Davi  1977

What’s amazing is the speed with which Robert has established a career singing the music of Sinatra and Tin Pan Alley.   Indeed, Davi’s passion for singing has been matched by the enthusiastic response of his audience.

Great talent is crucial to artistic success.  But it isn’t everything.  There is that certain something more that an audience, often by sheer whim, latches on to and embraces.  Clearly the public –  YOU – love Robert Davi!  For this, he  is most certainly grateful.  And more.  Davi remains passionate about the music of Sinatra.  According to Robert, that passion developed while he was still in utero.


Expendables 3_DaviSo, while the acting career continues to thrive (Davi stars in The Expendables 3 later this year) his first passion has been and continues to be singing.


Davi AlbumDavi Sings Sinatra – On the Road to Romance, Robert’s breakout CD, has performed very well.  And a great deal of thought went into the selection of titles.

For the first of our two hours together, RD speaks with great enthusiasm about the American Songbook and Frank’s songbook.

We’ll share Robert’s favorite, seldom-played Sinatra titles, selections from Davi Sings Sinatra and Robert will explain why so many singers from the “golden age of song” were and are Italian!

Music, laughter and great conversation when we open Chapter Twenty-Six of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, March 22 at 6pm ET and Sunday, March 23 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).

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Our second hour with Robert, Chapter Twenty-Seven of the SONGBOOK, follows next week, March 29 and 30.



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Copa 1

Ground Zero.   For decades, the epicenter of entertainment in Las Vegas.  The Copa Room of the famed Sands Hotel.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.08.36 PMImagine the history and the talent that graced that showroom.  The Junior League of Las Vegas is staging a series inspired by that legendary venue.  The series will feature four programs beginning on April 5 through October 25.  Each program will highlight a different aspect of the showroom’s glamour, music, celebrity and impact.   Here’s an information link to this series, staged by The Ferraro Group.


Sounds interesting!




Our buddy, Tom Dreesen, is bringing his one-man show, An Evening of Laughter and Memories of Sinatra to the Chicago area in April!  A wonderful evening that should not be missed.  Here’s the detail of Tom’s April engagement.

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to be continued…

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