Thanks for your feedback on our Larry King hour.  John wrote…

King listeningLOVED this episode!!  I have heard and read the King/Gleason/Sinatra story (about the Miami 3 hour radio show) countless times over the years, but LOVE it more and more.  Just a GREAT, FUN hour. Thank you VERY much!! 

Ed wrote…

I write today because I just heard a wonderful interview…  Mark Sudock and Larry King.  Two great radio personalities talking about Sinatra… First time I have heard it and it is wonderful. Great radio and great songs and all about Sinatra.   

Thanks, guys.  Keep the feedback coming, please.

Larry’s a great guy, a super guest and, as you heard, a HUGE  Sinatra fan.



Thater Exterior-2

According to IMDb, Frank Sinatra’s first big screen appearance was as a Dorsey band member in Las Vegas Nights, from 1941.  His last screen outing was Cannonball Run II, from 1984.

These two titles are representative of Frank’s power as a serious actor.

Manchurian_EternityThe Manchurian Candidate                   From Here to Eternity

While films such as Pal Joey and Young at Heart reveal Frank’s dramatic talent around, shall I say, lighter fare.  Pal Joey steers us in the direction of our next program.

Music 4Young at Heart                                 Pal Joey

We will turn our attention to memorable musical performances for the movies by Mr. S when we open Chapter Twenty-One of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, February 15 at 6pm ET and Sunday, February 16 at 8am EST, exclusively on Metromedia Radio, (metromediaradio.net).

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Voice_Book CoverJames Kaplan, Author

Doubleday, Publisher

We would be hard-pressed to identify an artist about whom more has been documented than Frank Sinatra.  Like many of you, I’ve read (and collected) every thing I could lay my hands on. It’s one person’s life.  How many ways can the same details be shuffled around?  James Kaplan did one better.

First, he placed the known facts in a context that helps the reader better appreciate the career building that took place.  Next, Kaplan’s extensive research revealed aspect’s of Sinatra’s growth that I, for one, never knew or read!

Kaplan starts at the beginning and, across more than seven-hundred pages, brings us forward to Oscar night, as Sinatra earns the statue for “From Here to Eternity”.

New material and perspectives places FRANK: THE VOICE among my top five, most-significant volumes on Sinatra. I’m relishing the release of Kaplan’s sequel.


to be continued…


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