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Think tastes in music evolved between the forties and the fifties?  Consider the evolution of Frank Sinatra during the same period.  What a contrast!


Sinatra with Axel Stordahl                   Nelson Riddle and Sinatra

From the lush and brilliant collaborations with arranger-conductor Axel Stordahl to the vibrant, heart-pumping inventions of arranger-conductor and music scene game-changer, Nelson Riddle, there emerged a stunningly confident and optimistic middle-aged singer.

The constant is the selection of material.  It would come from the pens of the greatest contributors to the American Popular Songbook.  Sinatra respected and trusted the integrity found in this body of work.  Of interest is how he would approach these classic works, given his relative age and maturity at different stages of his career.

Join us for Comparisons, Chapter Twenty-Five of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, this Saturday, February 3 at 6pm EST and Sunday, February 4 at 8am EST on Metromedia Radio, (metromediaradio.net).



Through the weeks, we’ve been stocking your shelf with titles that complete a great Sinatra library.  I treasure this one.

PointPoint of No Return (1962)  Many have suggested that the title was inspired, at least in part, by the closure of this chapter in Sinatra’s recording life, specifically, the last original Capitol album.  I tend to agree.  Also, consider that this project was arranged and conducted by the man Sinatra called, “the granddaddy of arrangers”, Axel Stordahl.  Axel was in poor health during this period.  Point of No Return would be the final Sinatra collaboration.  Is that fact reflected in the title?


4.1.1Stordahl’s elegant, intelligent arrangements will sweep you up and carry you away.  Worthy of mention, I’ll Remember April, I’ll See You Again, There Will Never Be Another You, Somewhere Along the Way and I’ll Be Seeing You.  Absolutely beautiful!  While Sinatra may have turned his attention to projects for his new baby, Reprise, the work turned-in for Point of No Return is among the finest of his recording career.

And, consider that our upcoming Comparisons chapter relies heavily on Axel’s earlier work with FS.  Point of No Return provides us with an opportunity to assess this extraordinary duo, separated from their earlier collaborations by almost a decade.

This is an epic title, very high on my personal list.


to be continued…


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