Robert Davi

Well, feedback for our two hours with singer-actor Robert Davi was most telling.

Your interest in this accomplished actor, who breathed new life into his first love, singing, represents among the most enthusiastic responses to anything we’ve done with the series. Your response has been so rewarding.

Friend and listener, Randall, summed it up beautifully.  “Really enjoyed both hours. Davi can really sing. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks.”

Thank you Randall, Kim, Gloria, Angelo, Phyllis, Frederick, Janie, Linda, Kerry, Jim, and everyone who responded to and who shared the news about these interviews with their Facebook world.

That’s how we perpetuate the American Popular Songbook.  What a team!

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 FS TURNTABLEWith such a rich recording legacy to work from, one can do some fairly comprehensive work, programming THE  SINATRA SONGBOOK.  I got to thinking, “Why not share the joy?”  Surely, there are tunes and performances by Sinatra that you embrace.  Then and there, the plot was hatched.

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 2.58.12 PMWe polled the SONGBOOK audience, YOU, inviting suggestions for titles that belong in a seldom-heard Sinatra program. And you really came through!

Listen for your name and your SELDOM-HEARD SINATRA choice, Saturday, April 5 at 6pm ET and Sunday, April 6 8am ET, exclusively on Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).

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I have received so much mail, requesting a rebroadcast of our visit with Tom Dreesen.  That’s really no surprise.

TomDreesen1Tom Dreesen

For better than a decade, Tom Dreesen opened for Sinatra.  His anecdotes of those years on stage, on Frank’s jet and at the Rancho Mirage compound fill-in many pieces of the mystery puzzle that is Sinatra.

Tom’s accounts of all night talk fests held while traversing the open roads of the California desert are particularly enlightening.

Here’s a chance to get closer to the private side of  Sinatra than you ever thought possible.  So please spread the word.

Part one of our two-part visit will play out April 12 and 13 exclusively on Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).


to be continued…


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