Chapter Two of the SONGBOOK examined bandleader, Tommy Dorsey’s influence on a young and impressionable boy singer.

FS thoughtNext, learn more about this artist’s gift of breath control and phrasing.

Lending perspective is Frank Sinatra Jr.

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What a kick!  For many, it was a fond trip down memory lane.  The roster of in-house talent was the best in the biz.  And the guest stars.  From FS to Woody Herman and from Tony B. to Steve & Eydie, the star power was formidable.  All a testament to the unique status given to AM-1130.

Ultimately, it was the audience validation that made classic WNEW what it was.  That still goes.  Your continued support of the music and of Metromedia Radio was reinforced as we achieved our highest listenership to date.


So next year, WNEW will turn 80.  Imagine the party we envision. Mark your calendars.  The date is Two-Thirteen-Fourteen.

The mission continues on the web, as Metromedia Radio carries the WNEW legacy to listeners in every corner of the globe.

WNEW 4 Panel


The question SONGBOOK listeners most often ask is, “What album titles belong in a great Sinatra collection?”  Week by week, I’ve been recommending the titles that are, in my opinion, significant.  Here’s the next one.


Concert SinatraThe Concert Sinatra (1963) Though aptly titled, this album could have named “The Symphonic Sinatra” or even “The Broadway Sinatra.”

A seventy-three-piece orchestra interprets the best of Broadway.  Melodies from Carousel, The King and I and Showboat frame the project.  This is a formal, disciplined Sinatra with epic arrangements provided by Nelson Riddle.  (Behold Frank’s interpretation of Ol’ Man River.  Breathtaking!)


to be continued…

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