Chapter Two of the SONGBOOK examined bandleader, Tommy Dorsey’s influence on a young and impressionable boy singer.

Next, learn more about Sinatra’s gift of breath control and phrasing.

Lending perspective is Frank Sinatra Jr.

We open Chapter Three this Saturday, September 7 at 6p and Sunday, September 8 at 8am, both Eastern times, EXCLUSIVELY on Metromedia Radio – metromediaradio.net.


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One of my long-standing buddies and I disagree.  He claims Frank’s good stuff started in the Capitol fifties.  sinatraStordahlI believe that’s Frank’s work on Columbia is, in its own way, stunning and significant.

Want to collaborate on an upcoming Classic Columbia hour?  Which title(s) do you love and why?

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In June, you heard me promote our Nelson Riddle special with the line, “Get closer to Nelson than you ever imagined possible.”   In September, comedian Tom Dreesen will bring you closer to FS than you ever imagined!  Tom’s experiences are, at once, warm, funny, touching and emotional.

Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 10.51.27 AM

Tom Dreesen on the SONGBOOK beginning Saturday, September 14th.  You’re gonna have a great time!  I promise.


L’Shana Tova

L'shana Tova.Hebrew

This is the greeting shared among Jewish people on the first evening of Rosh Hashanah.  It means “have a good year”.   With the High Holy Days at hand, this is my wish… for everyone.!

to be continued…

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