Hi everyone.  Last week, Chapter Eleven.  Next week, we file Chapter Thirteen!  And again, it’s a good thing, because it’s Chapter Thirteen of The Sinatra Songbook.


For this Chapter, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to jazz promoter, Sinatra scholar and the author of September in the Rain: the Life of Nelson Riddle, Peter Levinson.

Get set for two enlightening and engaging hours.  Can’t wait to share the visit with you.  Hour one airs this Saturday, October 27 at 6pm and Sunday, October 28 at 8am (those are Eastern Times) on Metromedia Radio.



What a time, meeting and reconnecting with Sinatra Songbook friends.  Among them, Brian K. Noe.  Brian, bring back your wonderful blog, “The Frank Truth”!  Also, Kathy Parnello (Kathy’s father, Joe, was among Frank’s conductors), Robert Gaudio, Helen Harris Scott, Steve Mangiaracina and Steve Plutte (both fine gentleman and treasured collaborators), Tom Dreesen (through the years, Tom opened for Sinatra), Randal Owens, Lorraine Feather (a wonderful singer who can bring a GREAT sense of humor to her work), actor-singer Robert Davi and so many more.  Friends, stateside and around the globe.

I’d love to meet you.  Find me on Facebook.



We continue our survey of albums that build a great Sinatra collection.

Frank Sinatra: Best of The Best (Deluxe Edition)  2011

Disc One of this package offers classic hits from the Capitol and Reprise labels together on one record for the first time.  Well and good.

But the real treasure will be found on Disc Two.  From the vaults, Sinatra in concert.  This Seattle, Washington performance features FS in his prime. There isn’t a whole lot of live material available from this period.  That’s what makes this 1957 concert so important.

Nelson Riddle makes a rare, on-the-road appearance, conducting a full orchestra.  Many of Frank’s greatest hits are performed here, before they were classics.  Compare Sinatra’s studio treatments with these comparatively relaxed, live versions.  Prime Sinatra.


…to be continued.