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Emil Richards

For half a century, Emil Richards has remained among the busiest percussionists in the business.

Mingus, Como, Garland, Shearing, Ray Charles, Basie…  he’s played with them all.  And more.

From jazz clubs, to movie sound stages, to record dates and even the classroom, Mr. Richards continues to make his presence matter.  In the studio and on the road, Emil was Frank’s vibraphonist of choice.

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion of Frank’s Reprise years, part of a four-day celebration of Sinatra, staged in Los Angeles.


In this candid moment from our seminar, you see, screen-center and tucked behind the mike, the great Johnny Mandel.  On your left is Emil, sharing his thoughts.

Emil Richards will do the same for us when we open Chapter Ten of “The Sinatra Songbook”, Saturday, April 20 at 6pm and Sunday April 21 at 8am (both eastern times) on metromediaradio.net.



So, let’s advance our survey with box sets that enhance a great Sinatra library.

Reprise Complete 2-Box

Frank Sinatra: The Complete Reprise Recording Sessions. (1995)  The description’s in the title of this release.  Pricey at as much as $595.00 (US) for the deluxe “suitcase” edition, but hey, it’s twenty CD’s and almost twenty-four hours of music!  I have found used copies from reputable vendors for as little $189.00 (US).

Frank Sinatra: The Complete Reprise Recording Sessions. (1998)

Complete Reprise 3The contents of this “standard” edition box is identical that of the deluxe edition.  Used copy pricing seems on par with used copies of the deluxe edition.

In either package, you’ll hear it all, including a few titles that, I think you’ll agree, Sinatra was wise to withhold.  That said, this is the set for the collector who has to have it all.

All tracks have been remastered and sound better than ever.  And that effort particularly benefits one of my favorite albums, Ring-a-Ding-Ding.  When first issued, a now annoying echo effect, then employed to exploit the new phenomenon known as stereo, has been removed.



“Getting to know you” is what it’s all about.  Click on CONTACT at the upper-right and check-in.  I’m all for enriching this forum with your thoughts about the music we play.  I look forward to hearing from you.



Winters Thank you, Johnathan, for filling our lives with so much laughter.

Rest in peace.

to be continued…

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