Watertown 1I hope you listened to, and perhaps discovered for the first time, our tribute to this album.  I spend added time pointing the spotlight at this project because it was so misunderstood and essentially overlooked when released in 1969.  This was not the Frank Sinatra we knew from the Fly Me to the MoonMy Kind of Town or My Way school of performance.  Instead it revealed a new direction for FS, one aimed at capturing a younger demographic and, by so doing, remaining relevant.

Watertown plays like the movie or, more specifically, like the one-man television special it was intended to be.  That project never materialized.  One wonders if the legacy of the album would have been altered had the broader plan been realized.  That was not to be.  Worse still, in 1969, the Reprise promotion team didn’t know how to market THIS Sinatra.  So, this timeless story, told with sensitivity and intelligence was left to languish in obscurity.



So embrace, Where Are You, September of My Years, No One Cares. She Shot Me Down and the rest.  But create a spot for Watertown in this group.  It’s earned a rightful place among these landmark Sinatra concept albums.

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Last week, I suggested that we collaborate on a follow-up to our hour of seldom-heard Sinatra tunes as determined by SONGBOOK listeners.  How many rare and worthy titles deserve a spot on that playlist? 

This week, a replay of our first Seldom-Heard Sinatra.  Decide which epic titles must be part of our second survey.  Send your suggestions to me, using our series Facebook page.  Chapter Sixteen, your first-hour choices, comes your way Saturday, January 11 at 6pm ET and Sunday, January 12 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio. 

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to be continued…

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