Greetings!   Well, what did you think of Watertown?

To me, it remains a hidden Sinatra treasure.  Often overlooked, it ranks high among his many theme albums.

Ready to learn more about this project?

Colleague, Brian Noe, turned me on to an amazing site that is a tribute to this venture.

I encourage you to visit  It’s all there.



Speaking of tributes, what could be more meaningful than the celebration of a father by his son?

As Remember It is such a tribute, created and presented by Frank Sinatra Jr.

This album features Frank Jr’s. commentary and faithful performances of his father’s legendary recordings.  Find it.  Buy it.  You won’t be sorry.

In the context of our Songbook, As Remember It has been retooled.  Our Chapter Sixteen is entitled Sinatra on Sinatra.  It’s the commentary of Frank Jr. and the music of Frank Sr.   Join us Saturday, November 17th at 6pm and Sunday, November 17th at 8am EST on Metromedia Radio.

Yours truly with FRANK SINATRA JR.  …a few years ago

For his commitment to the American Popular Songbook, to the music of his father, for his wisdom and for his musicality, I remain an admirer of Frank Sinatra Jr.  My hope is that he returns to The Sinatra Songbook soon.


Which albums contribute to a great Sinatra collection?  Here’s the next one on my list.

Nice ‘n’ Easy (1960)  A magnificent collection of standards.  Sinatra at the top of his form, turning in signature versions of How Deep is the Ocean, Dream, Embraceable You and more. Nelson Riddle arranges and conducts.

Exhibiting the vitality, judgement and reserve of two, perfectly matched artists in their prime, Sinatra and Riddle reach incredible heights on this date.  What a great program!

to be continued…