Thanksgiving Week, my favorite holiday.  I have a lot to be thankful for.   My wish is that your day is filled with abundant warmth and joy.




Still thinking about Chapter Fifteen, our Watertown hour.

The music was so unique relative to any Sinatra project before or since.

Still there was a fixture on the back cover of that LP that forever tied the project to the man and his recorded legacy.

It is that lonely lamppost, realized late at night, when the streets are damp and the sense of “aloneness” is great.

Time and again, the character invading this moment is one that Sinatra the actor and singer captured in song as no other achieved.

And always punctuating the setting, that lonely lamppost.

Even on Watertown.










ONLY THE LONELY  (Back cover)


WATERTOWN (Back cover)

WATERTOWN (Back cover enlarged)




It’s an hour filled with collaborations.  In the early nineties, Duets and Duets II would be among Frank’s best-selling album projects of all time.  Of course, he had been sharing the mic since the forties.  You will hear a sampling of those collaborations in the studio and in the movies when we open Chapter Seventeen, Saturday, November 24 at 6pm EST and Sunday, November 25 at 8am EST on Metromedia Radio.




Which albums contribute to a great Sinatra collection?  Here’s the next one on my list.

Sinatra’s Swingin’ Session (1961)  The image is from the original Capitol Records’ FULL DIMENSIONAL STEREO LP release of this title.

On compact disc, where the playing time exceeds that of the original project, bonus tracks were added.  Accordingly, the album title became Sinatra’s Swingin Session!!! and more.

Swingin Session!!! offers more in the tradition of Songs for Swingin’ Lovers.  Nelson Riddle on the podium once more

Blue Moon, Should I, Always, and S’posin are among the standouts.

Two bonus tracks on this CD reissue that deserve mention are Ol’ MacDonald and Hidden Persuasion, both waxed as singles.  Both superb.


to be continued…