Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

International listeners my not know that, in the States, a troubled business that is badly in debt may be forced to claim bankruptcy in a federal court under a filing known as Chapter Seven.  Not necessarily a happy development.

In our case, however, it is a great thing.  Chapter Seven of the SONGBOOK brings you close to a very special Sinatra legacy contributor.

Al ViolaAl Viola

Al Viola, one of the busiest studio musicians in LA.  Consider his big screen credits.  A short list includes West Side Story, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and The GodfatherIt’s Al’s mandolin work we hear in the Francis Coppola epic.

VIOLA CU PROFILEAs a record session musician, Viola contributed to more than five-hundred albums, recording with Ella, Joe Williams, Stan Kenton, Neil Diamond and a gazillion more.

He first worked with Sinatra in the late forties.  For a quarter of a century, starting in the mid-fifties, Viola was Sinatra’s guitarist of choice.  In my mind’s ear, I’m hearing Al’s introduction on Frank’s recording of Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to DryViola’s solo provides an eloquent foundation for the sense of loneliness and loss that Sinatra soon after conveys.

Al’s stories of collaborating in the studio and on the road with Francis Albert are, at once, intimate, enlightening and fun.

Meet this kind, enthusiastic spirit of a musician, Al Viola, when we open Chapter Seven of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, November 2 at 6pm and Sunday, November 3 at 8am (those are Eastern times) exclusively on Metromedia Radio, (metromediaradio.net).

Listen live link – http://tunein.com/radio/Metromedia-Radio-s203898/

Trust me. This is NOT the SONGBOOK hour to miss.




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to be continued…

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