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This image was captured at the completion of Frank’s 1951 recording of I’m a Fool to Want You.

According to jazz promoter, author and Sinatra historian, Peter Levinson, Frank’s relationship with Ava Gardner had come to an end.

With arranger-conductor, Axel Stordahl at his side, Levinson reveals that Frank recorded Fool… in one take.  Then, out the door.  Not another word spoken.

Peter shares this story and more when we open Chapter Fourteen of The Sinatra Songbook, Saturday, November 3rd at 6pm and Sunday, November 4th at 8am (those are Eastern Times) on Metromedia Radio.



Peter (September in the Rain: the Life of Nelson Riddle) was enthusiastic about jazz in general, the music of Sinatra and, in particular, The Sinatra Songbook.

He left us in 2008.  I miss him so.

Enjoy the visit.  Then share your impressions with me, please.








We continue our survey of albums that build a great Sinatra collection.

Come Fly with Me (1958)  The first Sinatra album in stereo.  Also, the

first of many wonderful excursions with the brilliant arranger-conductor, Billy May.  Another in Sinatra’s series of albums centered around a specific theme, said theme on this occasion being, travel.

FS takes us around the world with selections representing a variety of international ports of call.

More than exceptionally competent as an arranger and conductor, Billy May brings a wonderful sense of humor to charts such as Road to Mandalay.  On the lush, romantic side, May’s arrangements for Autumn in New York and Moonlight in Vermont are sublime.

Sinatra, in tremendous voice, is clearly loving this date.

According to Sammy Cahn, Frank was so pleased with his ability to hold on to

the word “reprise” in his reading of April in Paris, included in this album, it would live-on as the name of his future record company.

BTW, coming soon, a two-hour sit-down with Mr. May.  This, quite likely, was the last interview of his life.  An absolute delight, you will love spending time with Billy May.


…to be continued.