Fool to Want

This image was captured at the completion of Frank’s 1951 recording of I’m a Fool to Want You.

According to jazz promoter, author and Sinatra historian, Peter Levinson, Frank’s relationship with Ava Gardner had come to an end.

With arranger-conductor, Axel Stordahl at his side, Levinson reveals that Frank recorded Fool… in one take.  Then, out the door.  Not another word spoken.

Peter shares this story and more when we open Chapter Fourteen of The Sinatra Songbook, Saturday, May 18 at 6pm and Sunday, May 19 at 8am (those are Eastern Times) on Metromedia Radio.


Peter Levinson

Levinson was enthusiastic about jazz in general, the music of Sinatra and, in particular, The Sinatra Songbook.

He left us in 2008.  I miss him so.  Enjoy the visit.  Then share your impressions with me, please.  Meantime…



Sept in the RainI cannot recommend Peter’s volume highly enough.  September in the Rain: the Life of Nelson Riddle is a detailed portrait of a complex man.  And who better to write this book?

Levinson knew Riddle for more than 23 years.  Some 200 personal interviews with Riddle’s family, friends and colleagues support this inside look into Riddle’s inspirations, career, and creative genius.

A great read for fans of jazz, swing, or traditional pop music and, of course, Sinatra.  An excerpt is available at Amazon.




I’ll bet in any given hour of Metromedia Radio listening, Riddle remains a constant presence.  Think about it.  Sinatra, Ella, Nat Cole, Keely Smith, Rosemary Clooney, Linda Ronstadt, Judy Garland and who knows how many more, collaborated with Nelson Riddle.  No other arranger has influenced the American Popular Songbook to so great an extent.


Nelson Riddle and Sinatra

That’s why, in June, the month of his birth, Metromedia Radio will present the intimate documentary, Nelson Riddle: In is Own Words.  As the on-air promos guarantee, you will get closer to Nelson Riddle than you ever imagined possible.

For air times, check back and keep listening to Metromedia Radio (metromediaradio.net).

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to be continued…