Tom, for the laughs and for the insight, thank you.  That’s not just from me.  Here’s a sampling of listener feedback.

Robert:  Listening and loving it!

John:  Mark, I just want to say how much I am enjoying Tommy Dreesen’s memories of Frank Sinatra. I have a whole new appreciation of “This is All I Ask”.

Mark in the UK:  Tom is the complete raconteur-Loved it.

Greg in Australia:  It was a superb show. You’ve got a new fan in me, and will be listening in, every week!  Thank you.

Tom, you’re one special guy.  Mr. Dreesen is touring regularly with his one-man tribute to Frank Sinatra.  Learn more at www.tomdreesen.com



I love sharing the SONGBOOK mic with Sinatra friends, collaborators and learned observers.  Such is the case next weekend.

 Barnes & Fred

Our guest is record producer and author, Ken Barnes.  As a producer, Ken has collaborated with Johnny Mercer, Bing Crosby and the young hopeful pictured above.

Barnes Book

Mr. Barnes is the author of Sinatra and the Great Song Stylists, an appreciation of the first generation of epic singers.  Hard to find.  But find it!  This recommended read was published in 1972.  


Barnes & Me

In the States at that time, Ken visited with a twenty year-old version of yours truly, pictured here, to talk about Frank’s recordings and to play selections he considered significant.

Join me and guest, Ken Barnes, when we open Chapter Four of THE SINATRA SONGBOOK, Saturday, October 5 at 6pm and Sunday, October 4 at 8am, both Eastern time, on Metromedia Radio – metromediaradio.net.



Reaching-out to music lovers like you is a great joy.  Facebook pal, Michael Rose responded with a note that means so much. 

MRoseMichael wrote, …thank you for being one of the guardians of the Sinatra legacy. Promoting and perpetuating the artists and music of the Big Band era has been one of my personal goals. I will “Like” The Sinatra  Songbook!


Thank you, Michael, for connecting.  Your comments make the program and keep our SONGBOOK community growing. 

facebook button-logo

Please take Michael’s lead by visiting and clicking “Like” at THE SINATRA SONGBOOK Facebook page.  Thank you.



FS ColMany of you have submitted suggestions for an hour inspired by the best of the Columbia years.  To me, Frank’s work in the forties is significant.  Still, I’m not certain if this is an hour that you are interested in hearing.  Share your thoughts, please.  Of course, your contributions for such an hour are encouraged as well.

Drop me a line at THE SINATRA SONGBOOK Facebook page.


to be continued…

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