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 Sept.Thank you, Mr. Levinson for two hours of learned perspective.

In fact, Peter left us a few years ago.  But his first-hand recollections live on.  So I prefer to think of my friend in the present tense.

I cannot recommend Mr. Levinson’s superb volume September in the Rain: The Life of Nelson Riddle highly enough.  Nelson’s complex personality is alive and present on the pages of Peter’s volume.




Concept album 4-panelHow many concept albums has Frank Sinatra given us?  As I write, I’m uncertain of the number.  But from Wee Small Hours to She Shot Me Down, that collective output demonstrated the full potential of the long playing album.  Among these albums, Watertown is the often overlooked entry that should not be dismissed.  In fact, it is a Sinatra masterpiece.

The Sinatra concept albums are mini-movies; stories in song with a beginning, a middle and an end.  Of them all, Watertown is the most linear and cohesive.  This, after all, is a collection of tunes created for the occasion.  And each title advances the story line.

Recorded in the late sixties, a time of great change in music preferences, Frank Sinatra ventured into space occupied by composers born too late to be considered a part of the Tin Pan Alley experience.  This younger generational perspective did not deter Sinatra, who focused on the timeless emotions of love lost and the hope of a brighter tomorrow.  Watertown stands the test of time beautifully.  That said, there is so much more about this project to share.


We will present the album in its entirety.  We will include the album cover narratives that place each selection in context.   And we will consider the change in the music scene that made the Watertown “risk” so very interesting.

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On the heels of the Metromedia Radio Sinatra birthday spectacular, colleague Dick Carr presents a New Years Fantasy Concert Spectacular!   Classic live recordings by Ella, Tony B, Torme and so many more will be masterfully integrated by Dick.

CarrDick Carr

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Slowly but certainly, awareness of our series is growing, thanks to you.  So much growth in 2013.

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HNY 2014May 2014 fill your life with peace, good health and the music of the American popular songbook as expertly fashioned by Metromedia Radio.


to be continued…

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