Fall is setting-in and I couldn’t be happier.  Hope this finds you well.

Well, we are filing Chapter Eleven.  This time though, it’s a good thing, because it’s Chapter Eleven of the ”Songbook”!  (Think I’ll use that on the air.)


Here he is, Emil Richards.  From Nat Cole to George Harrison to Jerry Goldsmith, Emil knew and played with them all.


Emil and Frank in the 60’s.     emilrichards.com

In-studio and on the road, Emil Richards was Frank’s vibraphonist of choice.


I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion of Frank’s Reprise years, part of a four-day celebration of Sinatra, staged in Los Angeles.

In this candid moment from our seminar, you see, screen-center and tucked behind the mike, the great Johnny Mandel.  On your left is Emil, sharing stories from his years of performance with Sinatra.

You’ll hear more from Emil when we open Chapter Eleven of “The Sinatra Songbook”, Saturday October 13 at 6pm and Sunday at 8am (Eastern time) on Metromedia Radio.



Which albums contribute to a great Sinatra record (CD, iTunes or whatever) collection?  Here’s the next one on my list.


Where Are You? (1957)  Sinatra and arranger-conductor, Gordon Jenkins at their best.  I Cover the Waterfront, Laura, I’m a Fool to Want You and the title track, Where Are You? are heart-wrenching expressions of love lost.  How deep within himself did Frank need to go to reach these emotions?

Sinatra the actor- storyteller is certainly on-display.

Note the short, quick but deep breaths, the key to that magical phrasing.  Where Are You?  What a journey!




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…to be continued.