Great feedback for our Chapter Seventeen hour of singing collaborations with FS.  Thank you.  So many duets remain to be featured.   Might have to schedule a follow-up.


In the Capitol years, Frank’s chief instrumental collaborators were Messrs Riddle, Jenkins and May.  The great regret is never having met Nelson.  I did meet and interview Gordon Jenkins.  That was in the early seventies, right after the Blue Eyes is Back, back from retirement engagement at Caesers.  That rare visit will make air down the road.  (When’s the last time you heard Jenkins interviewed?)

I loved the time spent with Billy May.  That visit would be Billy’s final radio interview.

May 5Billy May

Chapter Eighteen features the first of our two hours on the air with the legendary, Billy May.   The hour airs Saturday, January 25 at 6pm ET and Sunday, January 27 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio.  Listen Live link –





I’m a big fan of broadcast history.  Even worked at both CBS Television City in Hollywood and at NBC in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank”. 

The Dean Martin Show , The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and the Sinatra Man and his Music specials were shot on those NBC stages.  By the end of 2014, the network will completely vacate its home on West Alameda, having relocated to new digs on the Universal Studios lot down the block.

ALLEN & COThe Steve Allen Show, NBC Burbank  1958

Author and radio historian, Jim Hilliker (laradio.com) found a clip from Steve Allen’s Sunday NBC variety series.  From 1958, watch Steve, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Ann Sothern, and Dinah Shore sing their way down those historic hallways.

Keep a sharp eye out for the guy with the raincoat, leaning against a lamppost.


A second link shows the same footage, with a box insert revealing the same walk as it appears today.




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Brown 2nd 3 Panel

Here are three of many images fashioned by John Robert Brown.  Brown runs a highly successful advertising agency.  We share a passion for Frank’s work.  Watertown is so significant to John, he created an amazing tribute site that you will want to study.


Like you and me, John has lived with and loved the album art of so many historic Sinatra projects.  And now, a tribute page acknowledging those memorable covers WITHOUT the text is online for our viewing pleasure.


Fascinating.  Pay a visit!


to be continued…

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