AL_VIOLA-2 We finally got this hour to you.  Hope you enjoyed our visit with the great, Al Viola; a talented, delightful man whom I miss a lot.




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FS ListeningWith Chapter Seven, our hour with Al Viola, having made air, we are back on track with a program that celebrates the style, stance and swagger that went into every Sinatra recording.

And get ready for a mini-concert featuring FS and Lady Ella that will knock your socks off!  This alone is worth the price of admission.

Join us when we present, Style.  It’s Chapter Eight of The Sinatra Songbook, Saturday, April 6 at 6pm and Sunday, April 7 at 8am (those are eastern times) exclusively on Metromedia Radio, metromediaradio.net.



As mentioned last week, when you collect the original albums, you’re collecting more than the performance of Sinatra the singer.  He was not credited on those many album covers as a programmer and a producer.  But, as such, you are hearing the songs Sinatra selected and in the story order he preferred.

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That said, specific box sets are distinguished by great programming and well-researched text.  Among my preferred collections, there is…


Best of Columbia YearsThe Best of the Columbia Years (1995).  In terms of shear volume and price, this scaled-down, four-CD version of the ten-disc collection we examined last week is a worthy addition to your library.  Musically speaking the collection is well-edited. The companion volume is beautifully mounted and the informative commentary is deftly researched.


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to be continued…