Owing to the formula by which our series is assembled and the Metromedia Radio platform, working live is not an option.  So we produce in advance of broadcast.  Last week you were advised that our first Seldom-Heard Sinatra hour, featuring your choices for such a playlist, would air.

On January 11, I released an all points bulletin indicating that the incorrect SONGBOOK chapter was promoted.  What’s nice is that you were treated to Sinatra on Sinatra featuring the perspectives of Frank Jr.  and the music of his father.  Turns out running this chapter was serendipitous. Because on January 10, Frank Sinatra Jr. turned 70.

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 10.19.02 AMFrank Sinatra Jr.and Sr.

Jr_5It can’t be easy being the son or daughter of Frank Sinatra.

How does one carve-out his or her own identity, especially when one’s ambition is to work within the same professional realm as such a celebrated and legendary parent?

This man worked his strategy.

My admiration for Frank Jr. is without limit.  He is, at once, a fine musician, historian and caretaker of the American Popular Songbook.

Sinatra Jr. strives to leave his mark; understanding that the magnifying glass of comparison is forever upon him.

That takes focus, commitment, talent and courage.  These traits are abundantly present in Frank’s case.


Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 10.44.28 AM

Yours Truly with Frank Sinatra Jr.

Here we are in the early 70’s.  The aforementioned traits were obvious in the guy I met that day, forty years ago.

So, Happy Birthday, Frank, from me and from our SONGBOOK listeners around the world.  May you continue to make a difference.



Collab_1with Bing and Rosie

It’s an hour filled with collaborations.  In the early nineties, the albums Duets and Duets II would be among Frank’s best-selling album projects of all time.  Of course, he had been sharing the mic since the forties.

You will hear a generous sampling of those collaborations in the studio and in the movies when we open Chapter Seventeen, Saturday, January 18 at 6pm ET and Sunday, January 19 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio.

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to be continued…

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