Timing’s everything.  Julie Budd returns to consider more performances by Sinatra that hold special meaning.  And her reasons behind those choices are as significant.  Listen Saturday, August 1 at 6pm ET and Sunday, August 2 at 8am ET exclusively on Metromedia Radio.

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As we offer part two of our SONGBOOK visit with Julie, news of her latest album release arrives.  And we are excited.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 5.05.03 PMJulie Budd’s latest, “Remembering… MR. SINATRA”

All the Way, World on a String, The Nearness of You, I’m a Fool to Want You, Wee Small Hours and more.  These are Sinatra performances that we all know.  Likewise, they have resonated with Julie for quite a while.   But this time around, her feminine perspective revitalizes the material.  GOOD.

If I want Sinatra’s approach to, say, I’m a Fool to Want You, I know where to find it.  Julie’s interpretations are refreshing.  Herb Bernstein’s musical direction is perfect for the occasion.

I’m glad that Julie waited so long to tackle this project.  Her years of performance lend a sense of wisdom to the material at hand.

Remembering… MR. SINATRA releases on September 1st.  But tease yourself with the album samplings posted at this Amazon link –


Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 12.17.38 PM




Arte-logoARTE is the producer of fine arts television programming in France and Germany.  On Frank’s December 12th centennial, ARTE will offer an original ninety-minute documentary, which is now in production.  I am honored to be on-board for this project.  Accordingly, we are heading to Las Vegas.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 5.55.13 PMI’ll be visiting with master impressionist, Bob Anderson.  His show, SINATRA THE MAN.  THE MUSIC will inspire our interview.  As shared at the Venetian Hotel website:  FRANK The Man. The Music. a grand theatrical production honoring the life and music of the most famous entertainer of all time, Frank Sinatra.  Conceptualized and brought to life by an all-star creative team, FRANK The Man. The Music. has been called the most authentic reenactment of a Frank Sinatra concert ever performed on the live stage. 

The show continues through the end of 2015 at The Palazzo Theatre.  Tony Bennett described the performance as… “A perfect night. Like seeing Sinatra at his best. Frank would have loved it.”

I can’t wait to see the show, then talk with Bob about the project.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 6.05.26 PMMusical Director Vincent (Vinnie) Falcone is now working the Anderson show

Bob’s musical director is none other than Vinnie Falcone.  Of course, Falcone performed similar duties for Frank.  We’ll talk about today and yesterday.  Nice to know that a great many in Falcone’s contemporary orchestra were part of the Sinatra group of years past.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 6.11.49 PMEd Walters, Pit Boss at the Sands during the Rat Pack years

An our old pal, The Pit Boss, Ed Walters, will round out the trio of interviews planned.  The audio portion of these visits will be folded into future SONGBOOK hours.

Good listening ahead!

to be continued…

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