Your response to Metromedia Radio’s Twelve-Twelve-Twelve, Sinatra birthday tribute was overwhelming.  Thank you for tuning-in.  I’m thinkin’ we’ll just have to do this again!  Happy 97th Frank.  Thank you for the gift of music.



Apologies to those expecting to hear our hour with Larry King on Saturday, December 15.

Ah, technology.  When it works it is the marvel of the ages.  When if fails all you can do is smile.  The computer gremlins got us.

As one who has learned NEVER to let the small stuff impact the grand plan, trust me when I assure you that the fix is afoot!



Next weekend, we modify the format to accommodate a full of hour Sinatra singing the songs of the season.  Tune in for THE SINATRA CHRISTMAS SONGBOOK, Saturday, December 22 at 6pm and Sunday, December 23 at 8am, those are Eastern times, exclusively on Metromedia Radio – metromediaradio.net.

And in two weeks…

 Larry King

 … we have rescheduled Chapter Twenty of the SONGBOOK, featuring Larry King.  The program airs Saturday, December 29 at 6pm and Sunday, December 30 at 8am, both are Eastern times, exclusively on Metromedia Radio – metromediaradio.net.

Catch Larry’s new series, Larry King Now, On-Demand at Ora.TV.

“Sinatra on Screen”, Chapter Twenty-One of the SONGBOOK, promoted at the end of this week’s broadcast, moves to Saturday, January 5 and Sunday, January 6 at 8am.

Too much information?   Check the blog each week.  I’ll keep you posted here.



I had anticipated returning this corner of the blog to advancing my list of recommended titles that fill out a great Sinatra album collection.  Then came the tragic news from Newtown, Connecticut.  What did I say above about not being affected by the small stuff?

To the citizens of Newtown, everyone at Metromedia Radio and in our audience joins me in wishing you the strength to endure.  The nation is with you.  Our hearts are yours.


to be continued…