Sounds of Sinatra

Sounds of Sinatra

Sid Mark | Sounds of Sinatra

Host: Sid Mark

Sounds of Sinatra Airs at 2:00 PM EST Saturday and Sunday on Metromedia Radio.

Sid Mark launched The Sounds of Sinatra in Philadelphia 55 years ago. It all began as a call from a listener, who suggested that Sid spin one hour of Frank Sinatra.

Sid and Frank developed a personal friendship in 1966. To celebrate the anniversary of the show, Sid was invited to see Frank in Las Vegas. After seeing Frank’s show at The Sands, Sid met Frank and a friendship was formed which would last for decades.

Sid has a the unique ability to share his personal perspectives on all the Sinatra tunes based on his extensive knowledge and first hand experience with one of the greatest entertainers of all time.