Anything Goes!! with Lise Avery

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Anything Goes!! with Lise Avery airs Friday & Saturday at 12:00 AM Midnight and Sunday at 9:00 AM EST on Metromedia Radio.

Host Lise Avery believes that mainstream radio has left the realm of entertainment and relies far too heavily on news, controversy, divisiveness and shock.  It also repeats the same music and news over and over.  Avery pic2

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Anything Goes!! offers an alternative to much of contemporary radio programming.

 The playlist is different and so is Lise’s attitude.





Lise’s goal is to add a smile, lower stress, slow down a work day (or week) and broaden the listeners’ experience.  Lise not only loves to play the classics; her listeners tune in to be introduced to new artists singing these wonderful standards!  Lise also recognizes and plays unsigned and independent talent specially chosen to round out her extraordinary program.

Anything Goes!! programming includes a variety of jazz, standards, classic pop and artist interviews (with a little bit of almost anything else like some comedy or a TV or cartoon theme song).  Anything Goes!! fills a gap in the marketplace catering to those listeners that would like a change from Classic Rock, Pop, Lite Standards or Country.  Avery pic6


Metromedia Radio is proud to be affiliated with Lise Avery and we support her goal of improving the radio listening experience.





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