An Evening at the Buddies Lounge

Buddies no MMR

Metromedia Radio is proud to introduce the famous podcaster The BIG W and his hourly show: “An Evening at the Buddies Lounge” to our weekend line up of Adult Standards fair.  “An Evening at the Buddies Lounge” airs Fridays at 10pm EST , Saturdays at 4pm EST & Sundays at 8pm EST.

The BIG W will air on the Big W!  Just who is The BIG W?

Big W - 2013


Growing up in a sunny Los Angeles suburb filled with googie coffee shops and drive-in theaters, The BIG W first heard the Space Age pop sounds as a kid when his dad would play Al Hirt, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin on the family’s 1967 RCA Stereo Hi-Fi. Starting an LP collection of Space Age Pop with a ten-cent Henry Mancini album in the late 1980’s (“Mr. Lucky Goes Latin” in mono), the passion for WIDE stereo, bongos, birdcalls, cool jazz and swingin’ vocals was reborn.

Today his collection has grown close to 5,000 albums in LP, CD and reel-to-reel formats.  He enjoys sharing these classics from his collection on “An Evening At The Buddies Lounge”. Blending known favorites with deep and forgotten album cuts, “An Evening At The Buddies Lounge” with the BIG W takes you back each week to that magical mid-century era of singers, musicians and arrangers in glorious analog Hi-Fi.

Have a Listen: