WNEW Jingles

New Yorkers the world over are familiar with the 8 note jingle “Double You Enny Double You”  its the foundation for all jingles produced for WNEW from 1958 till the station closure in 1992.

So catchy and compelling is the WNEW jingle and various themes, Bill Evans and Stan Getz perform the WNEW Thematic on their collaboration album of 1963. Lalo Schifrin also performed the WNEW theme titled “New Fantasy” for his early 60’s Verve album.

Larry and Toni Greene of Sande & Greene Productions, Los Angeles created the hypnotic jingle.  They were also responsible for the many variations such as “Anytime Anyplace N E W’ or “You’re Never Alone in New York”.  Larry Greene went on to produce WNEW jingles for many years often evolving with the station’s music format.

Here is an interview with Larry Greene on the JazzWax Blog.

In 1979 WNEW-AM changed from a rock format back to an adult standards concept with a focus on Frank Sinatra, Ella, Jazz and Big Band. In doing so, the 1958 Jingle Pack was dusted off and reintroduced. It continued to serve the station right up to its closure in 1992.

Metromedia Eight Note Soundmark