Jazz Lives

Where “lives” is both noun and verb.  Written by Michael Steinman and Nominated as one of the Best Jazz Blogs of 2009 by the Jazz Journalists Association. Michael Steinman first heard Louis Armstrong on records in the 1950s, a transcendent experience. (He also saw Louis and the All-Stars in 1967.) An unashamed jazz addict, he writes for HOT HOUSE, Cadence and The New York Jazz Record. He has been published in CODA and other jazz periodicals, and was the New York correspondent for The Mississippi Rag. Michael is called upon frequently to write liner notes, which have been an integral part of compact discs on many labels, including Arbors, Nagel-Heyer, Stomp Off, NifNuf, Jazzology, Audiophile, LaLa, Azica, Little Simmy, Amber Lake, and GelberMusic.