Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings and is a frequent music and arts contributor for the Wall Street Journal.


Why Jazz Happened

Marc is also the author of “Why Jazz Happened” (University of California Press).

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  • John Klemmer: Waterfalls November 13, 2019
    Like the Fender Rhodes electric piano, the Echoplex transports me back to the 1970s. First marketed in 1961, the unit allowed notes played on instruments to echo with a ripple effect. The Echoplex is …
  • Jimmy Halperin: Cycle Logical November 12, 2019
    By my count, there are five major jazz tenor-saxophone schools. A school is defined as a particular approach or way of improvising that’s so distinct and exceptional other saxophonists adopt it. On my …
  • Soho Scene '64 and '65 November 11, 2019
    London of the mid-1960s is often imagined as a city of older derby-wearing and umbrella-carrying gents and glove-wearing and pocketbook-toting women. Mixed in are young people in colorful paisley shir …

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